I manage a hotel and have an inspection coming up, can you help with compliance?

Absolutely! Heartland has years of experience with helping many hotels maintain their cleanliness standards. We’ll get in and do the work to the highest standard.

Where are you based?

Heartland is based in Chesterton, Indiana. It’s a great location and allows us to quickly reach anywhere in the midwest for larger jobs. Our equipment is mobile, so we can work anywhere.

Do You Clean Hotels?

Yes – we have nearly 20 years of experience cleaning hotels throughout the midwest. We’re experts in hospitality services and we have a lot of experience helping clients comply with industry cleanliness standards.

How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

The answer to this question can vary based upon each situation. If you’re a residential carpet cleaning customer and your carpets don’t get a lot of traffic, every six months is fine. If you have a lot of pets or a lot of traffic on your carpets, then we recommend every three months for a good deep soil cleaning.

If you’re a commercial carpet cleaning customer, it also depends on traffic. If you run a high traffic business such as a restaurant, we recommend monthly carpet cleaning service. This keeps your facilities clean and makes sure you meet health code rules. If you run a back office that doesn’t get a lot of traffic, then every 3-6 months is fine.